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In our annual Tech Heads study of B2B marketing and comms execs, we discovered a series of problems around strategy, competitive pressures, internal priorities, and coping with innovation.

Marketing and comms execs are so overworked that they routinely work longer than their contracted hours. Worryingly, 77% admit to being stressed, 62% believe that their businesses don't see marketing as strategic in its approach, and 55% spend too much time fixing past problems.

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  • The key drivers of stress among marketing and comms execs
  • Ways to re-think, renew focus, disrupt, and de-stress
  • How to get your breath back by becoming slick, smart and strong
  • How to develop a strategy that aligns with wider business goals

"Despite nearly half of marketing and comms execs thinking about strategy outside core hours, they’re losing the battle and spending too much time playing catch up"

Billy Hamilton-Stent, Client Strategy Director at Octopus Group